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first phase: Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Artcell Exhibition dates June 14 - July 14, 2018. New York Hall of Science, Exhibition dates: September 8, 2018 - January 13, 2019.

Bio-Pixels: is a stem cell-based interactive generative interface that aims at re-defining nature's technology of self-making. Through its two phases, the project is going to answer how today's genomic sciences can re-materialize our society towards a globalized identity within the context of the global exchange of biological information among the world of genes, the world of bits, and the world of atoms.

The first phase came in the form of a visual generative system derived from a human embryonic stem cell. This phase (1st phase) of the project seeks a digital remodeling of the biological transformations executed through the differentiation processes, by which stem cells move from the identity-free state into a specific cell type. By monitoring and translating the stem cells’ internal movements, the cellular behavior during the differentiation processes would be interpreted visually.

Therefore, the interpreted biological differentiation processes would metaphorically provide a parallel digital constitution, in which pixels behave as a cell and gains its identity. Hence, this phase is not only looking for an imagined stem cells-based visual world, but mainly it investigates an empirical methodology that provides us a stem cell-based open source as an unlimited approach to rebuild our own cellular world.  

This phase consisted of an unlimited number of encoded images, every one of them represents a separate map of the internal stem cells’ movements in different biological phases of the same human embryonic stem cell. It reveals the relationship between the flowing of the signals throughout the itinerary of the stem cells' biological differentiation processes and its related infinite behavioral aesthetics of the biological identity-making, in which the architecture of the remodeled stem cell is simulated digitally.

*The first phase was exhibited as a part of "Infinite Potentials": A joint international traveling exhibition by SciArt Center and the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, University of Cambridge UK. 

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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Recommended citation: Ahmedien, D.A.M. (2018-2019) Bio-Pixels; the first phase,  a part of an exhibition entitled: Infinite Potentials,   A joint international traveling exhibition by SciArt Center and the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, University of Cambridge UK.  

a little more about Stem cells

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3rd info bio
1st info bio

A recorded real sample of the remodelled decoded stem cell's  differentiation processes digitally. 

- recorded real time of the physical show: 3 minutes.

- video time accelerated to be: 1:06 minute. 

- if you want to show the real genetic transition speed as is in the physical show, convert  the video speed value from "normal mode" to "0.25" in YouTube window. 

- recommended resolution: 1080 or 720. 

This encoded sample has been recorded from the real    system of  an encoded embryonic stem cell's differentiation processes. through this sample you can monitor a part of the inner cellular activities towards genetic transitions from an identity-free cell  to a specific cell type.

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