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A Drop of Light

'A Drop of Light’ is a one-year interactive new-media art research project. The project aimed at developing a computer-generated holographic spot as a responsive techno-hypermedium with which humans interact and their techno-perceptions are embodied, expressed, and analyzed. 

The project sees human hesitation between technophilia and technophobia should be defined and reinforced as a source of natural human self-guidance mechanisms, where pure technological determinism and avoidance are excluded. This hesitation secures a perpetual cycle of conditional oscillation in which individuals weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both sides based on specific circumstances. Each identified advantage encourages users to continue inspecting the same side until they find a disadvantage that stimulates them to move towards the other to reveal its advantages. This process continues, with individuals moving back and forth between the two sides.


Nature > Humanities & Social Sciences Communications

A Drop of Light: [video abstract]
A Drop of Light: interactive installation and performance.
The 1st WIC Art Sci Postdoctoral Fellowship at Wits University

The project believes that the inspection process of both sides’ advantages and disadvantages during this hesitation is the source of the potential human-technological symbiotic relationship through which each one’s discovered strengths complement its counterpart’s weaknesses.

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