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Bremen panal.png


Static system 


Random transition

2015- present

New dynamic system



Laser engraving, 3 compositions

Cairo-Bremen, 2014



Machinery is an art project of three pieces made by laser engraving techniques. The three pieces reflect three states of rhythms inspired by three circuits design and combined to reflect three statuses of social-political changes the Egyptian society has witnessed before, during, and after the revolution. First, the composition investigates the state of mess people witness during their efforts to reformulate the new system. Here randomness could be considered an inevitable phase in figuring out a new dynamic system. 

This project was made as a part of the University of the Arts Bremen’s summer school under the theme: Unfolding perspectives: Design acts in times of change. The summer school was to create a publication reflecting and visualizing situations, experiences, and modifications of the people in the context of social change. The evocativeness demands arrangement and space. In this regard, the publication is a result, product, and process simultaneously.

Bremen panal.png

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