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Bio-metric data

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main pixels' tones

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pixels in a brief gray scale

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Pixels encoded into E.coli's DNA

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data encoded into a QR square

personal information

Name: Diaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien

Address: 12-Ismail Mohammed-st, Zamalek, 11211, Cairo, Egypt.

E-mail(s): |



Scan here for ORCID info. Click here for recorded gray scale. Hover here for encoded Bio info.

European Expert I January 2020- April 2020 

Erasmus+ programs, Key action 2; Capacity-building projects in the field of higher education, EAC/A02/2020.  


Work experiences

Ph.D. (D Phil) I New-Media Arts and Technology

Dec 2014- Mar 2017

Graduate School of the Arts, Institute of Art History, Faculty of Humanities, Bern University, Bern, Switzerland.   




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SciArt Center. New York

Jan 2016 to present


Jul 2015to present


Swiss artistic research network.

Jul 2018 to present

IEEE Visual arts. Selection committee

Jul 2018 to present

International Society for Optics and Photonics

2014 to present

The International Society of the Arts, Science, and Technology. 

Jan 2016 to present

Association for Computing Machinery

Jul 2015to present


June 2019 to present

figshare ambassador.

Jul 2017 to present

The Optical Society of America

2014 to present



Medal of Sentinel of Science and research

For placing in the top of 1% reviewers in multidisciplinary on Publons global reviewer database during 2018-2019 award year. 

2017's Elsevier Outstanding Reviewer Award. 

In recognition of  the contribution made to Entertainment Computing (journal of). December. 2017.

University of Applied Sciences Bern

Grant for Experiments,  Bern, 2015-2016. Developing Holographic lab in the School of the Arts, Bern, Switzerland. 

The British Council Grants For Promising Artists

Granted project: Holographic Memories 


The Ellen J. Beer Foundation's Grant

For Young Promising Academic Researcher,

Institute of Art History, University of Bern. (Travel cost to finalize study)

Optical Society Grant  (Travel Cost)

The annual International OSA Network of Students (IONS). Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, 2016.

Egyptian Government Excellence Scholarship

Ph.D. studying abroad, (co-grant), 2014 

The German Academic Exchange Grant

Travel and Accommodation University of the Arts Bremen, Germany, 2013 


This resume contains some materials regarding my activities, training, awards, and so on. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you need my academic CV


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