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Exercise One:

I see my Artwork in the future are embodied in open-ended processes rather than being a physical piece of art. I see them as if something that grows, changes, appears, and disappears, controllable by the audience as much as it is controllable by the artist himself.

I think it is (or it will be) worthy for an artist to build an autonomous system that offers infinite interactive loops for artists and their viewers to share their activities and inform each other towards more democratic, reflective, and transparent creativity.

The above six sketches are coded to show primary systems in generative painting. Physically, these sketches go through a linear path of time which is predictable in its coming action and memorable in its actions in the past. However, the linear path cannot be predicted all-time as mutations must be considered even in normal circumstances. Here, my coming sketches will illustrate operationally how the concept of Emergence could offer another point of view regarding the linear path of time.

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