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Holographic Painting   


Paris, April. 2015

In the middle of 2014, the British Council funded me as an artist and researcher in sciences of visual arts to create an artistic project entitled holographic memories. This experimental artistic project aims to create abstract compositions in the form of holographic painting that can reflect a sense of memories psychologically.  

Through this experiment, this project tries to answer the question: How can the physical properties of the hologram, as a medium, enrich the abstract composition towards a deep sense of interactivity with the artwork.

At the "National Institute of Enhanced Laser Sciences" NIELS at Cairo University, I built an optical system from two parts; the first one is a double beam holographic setup, and the second one is a recording system of the entire artwork.

Every composition in this projects consisted of two layers; the first layer carries the composition in black lines, and the second one carries parts of the same composition in a holographic form. 

The abstract holographic form built using clay on the 2D surface (relief), and then recorded holographically, using He-No Laser (Red).

Notes:  Holography is a record of the interaction of two mutually coherent light beams (Laser) in the form of a microscopic pattern of interference fringes.



Tages: Holography, Abstract Painting, 3D recording, Physical illusion


Included activities:

  • Build optical system.

  • Organize teamwork.

  • Teach holographic principles.

  • Organize experimental workshop.

  • Collect and analyse samples.

Recommended citation:

Diaa Ahmedien (2015), Holographic Painting: Mixed-Media Exhibition, the The academy of Sciences, Paris. 

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